Burning Off Calories


Swimming Laps

There are many gyms that have found their members enjoy exercising in the water, and they have added indoor pools to help draw clientele. Swimming is an excellent way to burn calories, and it helps to tone muscles all over the body. The benefits of this one exercise can outweigh those to be garnered from many different forms of aerobic and weight lifting routines, so it is well worth the time to get into a suit and dive right in.

The entire body is involved in swimming laps in the pool, and that is one of the reasons it is a good way to achieve a higher calorie burn. The arms and legs move through the water to propel the body, but the core muscles must also be used to keep a person aligned properly. Breathing is an important part of swimming laps, and turning the head to the side helps exercise neck muscles that often are left out altogether.

While the body is burning calories through movement alone, there is another way the body is also burning calories. Human beings need to maintain their body temperature for health, so the body will burn more when it is in the water than the air. The temperature of many lap pools is actually warmer than the air above it, but immersion of the entire body provides a reason for the body to kick up the internal fires. Keeping warm from the inside out will add an extra dimension of gain to those who jump in for a good workout.

As an overall workout, swimming provides a host of ways to help burn off calories. It helps the person who has chosen exercise to lose weight by burning calories through motion, toning muscles and keeping the body at the right temperature. It is a good way to get as much burn as possible for the time spent.