Burning Off Calories


Continuing the Burn

Working muscles to lose weight or get in shape can be difficult, but there are benefits for those willing to stay with it. They might see their body beginning to tone up and feel firmer after just a few weeks, or they could suddenly see the need to purchase clothing in a smaller size. These are just two of the benefits that can result, and continuing the burn might be easier than most people believe.

Losing weight can be difficult even for those working out, and part of their issue might be that the weight of muscle tissue is more than the weight of fat tissue. This alone could cause consternation in someone hopping on a scale daily, so they should avoid it. Weighing once a week is a more effective way to see if the body has gained or lost weight, so understanding that dense muscle tissue will add to the scale should help alleviate the disappointment when numbers remain the same.

Working out to strengthen the body has an added benefit for those trying to lose excess mass. It is a fact the body will tend to keep burning calories after the workout session is done, and it can continue for a few hours after exercise. These additional calories being burned off are due to a combination of increased cardiovascular activity and the need for stronger muscles to consume more nutrients. It might not consume as many calories as during the workout, but each one burned off is one less that needs attention in the future.

Movement is part of what makes the body burn calories, and the ability to do it easier will help a person get up and get going. Being able to walk further without struggling can encourage a person to do it as a regular habit, so that will help to continue the burn without the need to head for the gym.