Burning Off Calories


Constant Motion

The modern world has become a place where people tend to sit all day long, and it is part of the reason many have trouble keeping off excess weight. Cutting calories helps, but even reducing intake may not be all a person needs after a few years. While some companies have begun to use desks that force people to stand, others have not reached that point. There is a way to burn calories while sitting, but it requires constant motion. A person has to keep moving at least one body part while they sit, and it will help burn off calories.

The amount of calories burned from tapping a foot is actually quite small, and even doing it for several hours will not make a huge difference. What it will do for a person is help reinvigorate their metabolism by fooling the body into believing it is in motion. While the human brain is large and capable of complex thoughts, some systems can be fooled by this type of exercise.

A person’s metabolism is responsible for how many calories the body burns per hour at rest, and keeping it turned up is one way of shedding excess weight. Foot tapping might sound ineffective, and it will take time for any results to be measurable, but it will also help a person feel more energetic. At the end of the day, the ability to move more is essential to burning calories.

There are many different ways to lose weight, and cutting calories on the intake end is helpful. For those who have gained enough excess mass to require more than a little less food, movement is the key to getting the body started on burning calories faster. Even a small amount of exercise will help, and keeping the body revved and ready to exercise can make those fat cells begin to fall away.