Burning Off Calories


Burning Fat or Food

It always seems so much easier to gain weight than lose it, and those struggling to master a new exercise program might believe it is the truth. It is an unfortunate reality that they are often correct. Burning fat or food is always difficult for those eating a high calorie diet with a lifestyle that includes a minimum of movement, but even getting some exercise might not be helpful. Fat actually takes more work to burn than food, so a person must burn their food calories off first before struggling with burning fat calories.

The body stores excess calories as fat for lean times, and it can accumulate at an alarming rate. For those unfamiliar with the process, the body always burns food first. It might seem an unfair process for those trying to lose weight, but it is the natural way the body works and no one has found a way to change it yet. It might appear hopeless, but getting rid of the excess can be done.

Food is turned into energy to feed the cells of the body, and concentrating on making some cells require more food is one key way to lose weight. Exercise is very helpful because it makes the muscles crave more food on a regular basis, and that is where the burn mostly takes place. Exercise can also ignite the body’s metabolism to work faster, and it contributes to using up the food calories for further weight loss.

When it comes to burning fat, the issue is with how much nutrition is crammed into each cell. It takes approximately six times the burn to get rid of a fat cell than it does the same amount of food. It could seem daunting, but working the muscles enough to make them burn extra is where the weight loss can begin to show for those exercising on a regular schedule.