Burning Off Calories


A Walk in the Park To Keep Fit

Many people who are just beginning an exercise routine will spend time on a treadmill, but they are often disappointed with the lack of calories they burn for the time spent. They may begin to believe that walking is less of an exercise than they need, but nothing could be further from the truth. The amount of burn they will receive depends largely upon how they walk, so that should be kept in mind as they start stepping along the road to better fitness.

The natural walking gait of many people involves other parts of their body, and most of them will move their arms as they take each step. Those who have chosen a treadmill might hold on to the bars, and that will prevent them from burning calories that would naturally use if they were taking a walk in the park. One other lack is the use of core body muscles they need for balance, so letting go of the bar while walking on the machine will give them more for their time.

Walking in a natural environment often requires small changes in elevation, and some treadmills offer settings that will somewhat mimic nature. It is unfortunate that many of them are not changed as rapidly as a natural walking path in the woods because small elevation changes provide a better workout, and even walking through city streets can offer as much as a nature path with curbs and people to sidestep.

For those who have chosen the wise course of starting an exercise routine at a pace they can handle without injury, walking is one of the best choices they can make. If they are interested in burning the most calories for their time, they should concentrate on moving their arms in a natural gait. Those who are looking for even more calorie loss will elevate a treadmill, or they can hit the streets and nature paths in their area.